Mohr Machinery Services, formerly known as Mohr Corporation, sells manufacturing used industrial machinery globally and has been serving the technical ceramic, powdered metal, tungsten carbide and other industries for over 55 years.

We have performed some of the largest public auctions of complete factory sales by auction or by individual machine brokering throughout the USA and Canada, as well as in many other countries including the United Kingdom, India, Singapore, Mexico, Canada and elsewhere. We have a long history in the sale of individual machines and complete process lines and machine liquidations, as well as full factory closures.

Since our inception, Mohr’s policy as a used machinery trader, former re-builder and manufacturer of various machinery, is to see that all transactions are best for both parties. We want our buyers and sellers to have full information and equitable transactions. We work diligently to set the standard for professionalism, integrity, and service for sellers and buyers of pre-owned industrial assets from complete factories to individual machinery and equipment.

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Arthur W. Mohr

President / Mohr Machinery Services, LLC

We at Mohr Machinery Services offer knowledge, resources, communication skills and responsible history as suppliers of machinery services of over 55 years globally primarily to manufacturers of PM and Ceramics of all types.

Mohr Machinery Services is in business to SERVE both our SELLERS and our BUYERS of machinery. We conduct our business honorably and professionally to the benefit to all clients and customers.

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Mohr is appropriately networked in the national and international markets to give you the quickest and broadest exposure of your surplus assets to all applications and markets.


For decades the Mohr name has been synonymous with professional machinery trading and related services for industry worldwide.


We provide full knowledge of details from markets for, inquirers, financial and shipping details and more about the capital assets we are contracted to sell, and ensure proper documentation of all steps in the resale and shipment process.


Mohr believes that all business that is honorably and professionally conducted is properly beneficial to all parties concerned.