Mohr has 55+ years of experience specializing in machinery liquidation services including individual machines, process lines, and entire factories. Our specialty is the sale of used machinery from the Powder Metal (PM) and Ceramic Industries including:

  • Powder Metals
  • Tungsten Carbides
  • Ceramics
  • Graphites
  • Abrasives
  • Ferrites and more

Our comprehensive consignment resale program allows Mohr to sell from your premises or appropriate warehousing. We also provide excellent machinery auction services for large plant liquidations, online sales, and offer financial service referrals to assist buyers with purchases.

  • Mohr recovers financial capital for your reinvestment
  • Mohr’s business is valuing and selling used PM and CERAMIC manufacturing machinery of all types globally
  • Mohr is a company with abundant resources and experience and serves professionally and globally
We do all the work, from properly inventorying and valuing the machinery, to advertising and presenting machinery for buyer inspections, to selling, and then managing removal/rigging and shipping. Mohr will liquidate your surplus – from one machine to an entire plant and provide you with the highest possible financial return.


  • 1. Provide Market Valuation, Photography and Inspections

    We arrive on site to take pictures, inspect, and discuss with you the machinery condition. If required we contact professional riggers to determine costs for removal that provide minimal interference with ongoing plant production.

  • 2. Marketing and Sales Globally

    Developed and maintained databases and trusting relationships with global industry leaders ensures you the quickest and broadest exposure of your surplus assets. We are longtime members to industry affiliations like the MDNA, ACer’S, MPIF, and others.

  • 3. Removal/Rigging and Shipping

    Mohr knows the providers of sub-contract services for machinery rigging and shipping for delivery locally or globally.

  • 4. Financial Reconciliation

    Mohr Corporation handles the purchase transactions including invoicing the buyer, collecting funds, and reconciliation with our clients.

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