Vacuum Sinter-HIP Furnace

Event: MULTI-METALS FACTORY CLOSURE, Louisville, Kentucky
Vacuum Sinter HIP Furnace 5
Vacuum Sinter HIP Furnace 5

Lot: J1022.F5 – SOLD

Description: Vacuum Sinter-HIP Furnace, 1974, Ultra Temp UT-500, 3 Zone 18″ X 18″ X 54″ load zone, 80″ long X 50″ ID, 250 PSI Maximum under HIP Pressure. 1600ᵒC maximum operating temperature, 1500ᵒC max under HIP pressure, with graphite hot zone and insulation package, 200 KVA transformer, pump, blower,water flow control system, hydrogen burn off capability and associated safeties. Hydrogen explosion safe vessel. Electrical control system and gas ontron and monitoring system, and all ancillary equipement

The entire factory must be emptied before year-end 2019


Factory Inventory as of 10-12-2019:

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Item Location: Louisville, KY 40202

Country: USA

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Furnace Location: Louisville, KY 40202

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