HARROP kiln model: MR-BG-24/30/24-48360-2200
HARROP kiln model: MR-BG-24/30/24-48360-2200
Kiln Chamber Opening
Kiln Chamber Opening

This previously used HARROP periodic kiln, manufactured by HARROP Industries in the USA, is designed for firing products sitting stationary in a single chamber at predetermined temperatures. The maximum firing temperature capability is 2200 degrees Fahrenheit. The internal hearth setting space is 24” wide, 30” high, and 24” deep. This kiln was used minimally and is in good condition ideal for firing advanced materials in a laboratory or industrial environment.

Lot:  J1028.07
Make: HARROP Periodic Kiln
Model: MR-BG-24/30/24-48360-2200
Specification No: 10921-R3
Location: Maryland

Specifications include:

  • The chamber’s external dimensions are 76” wide and 102” high and 65” deep.
  • The door opening is 30” wide and 36” high and is hinged to the kiln shell.
  • The inner lining of the kiln is 8” of ZR-grade PyroBloc fiber modules and the kiln floor is IFB.
  • The electrical system is 480 V, 3 PH, 60 cycle power rated at 60 KVA input.

HARROP kilns/furnaces are rare to find on the market for buyers who are users and are developing new ceramic products and materials. HARROP is a long-standing and respected kiln builder and the buyer of this kiln used it for product development and quality control. Price is low and availability immediate. If you can use it to grow your quality and diversity of advanced materials, we suggest you move quickly for purchase for the price is quite low for 2022 sale and removal. Our client needs to clear space in their operations.

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